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Seiko lightning in the air, the light Wagub Sango sieuviet natural wood floor suddenly reveals anger his party as a result of the non- populist policies. But Gerindra elite crowd of protesting confession Ahok, and people who are angry and threatened to dismiss Sango sieuviet natural wood floor?

In a discussion with reporters at City Hall Jakarta, Monday ( 12/02/2013 ) yesterday, Ahok open – aperture no matter who speaks about his dismissal. Ahok already said they are ready when fired.

“I just told you, right there that says if I can disidang fired. Yeah I’m telling you, if I get fired, I’m hell mediocre. Mau said what if the party would sack ? Nope we ‘d have a party stock What about ?”Ahok says with a laugh .

Yet it does not matter what one Ahok until he came face to himself as his party elites take less populist policies ? Ahok did not want to reveal who the elite open Gerindra him angry, but he gave a little leakage, questions Gerindra elite who opposed his policies revitalize area Pluit reservoir.

“It is a two person ( cadre Gerindra ) that we want to unravel the reservoir was installed flag Gerindra, caleg. Dibelain He wanted. ‘s Just stupid mah own,”said Ahok.